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Summit Ridge began some 10 years ago with a dream to build a private community nestled in the hills just west of Santaquin Utah. Significant inroads were achieved in preparing the community for the infrastructure needed for such a large community and a large business center. With the recession things slowed down but are now picking up and starting to move forward. With spaces sufficient for scores of shops, dozens of businesses, numerous stores, and service centers catering to the needs of a growing vibrant community, Summit Ridge Utah offers space, closeness to community, freeways and traffic to support these businesses. Current freeway traffic alone exceeds 25000 vehicles daily passing the property. With local residents increasing that count that number will double in just a few years. Summit Ridge Utah was approached to continue the dream brought forward by others and bring it to a successful conclusion, beneficial to all and profitable to the many businesses who will find their home and growth in our community.